Repairing our corner of the world one house at a time

Our Impact. 

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Even before the first homeowner moved into a house freshly renovated by Tikkun-KC, the 5400 block of 27th Terrace began to transform. Tikkun-KC purchased four homes and three vacant lots. Houses once viewed as the textbook definition of urban blight were transformed into a shining example of what is possible. We hauled tons of trash from the empty lots. Back yards so overgrown that they completely hid detached garages were cleared, and the crumbling structures demolished. Three and a half tons of trash were hauled from just two houses alone.  

Tikkun-KC provided employment opportunities to local contractors and neighborhood residents, bolstering the positive economic impact. Spurred by Tikkun-KC’s activities, private investors who had previously shunned the block began improving remaining properties including a six-unit apartment building on the corner. A nearby house, where illegal activities were taking place night and day, was shuttered.


We’re renovating abandoned houses and placing them back on the tax rolls.

Kansas City, Missouri does not have to spend its scarce funds to demolish dangerous homes at a cost of $8,000-$10,000 each, fight fires started by squatters, or clean up trash and vermin filled lots.

A deserving low-income family becomes a homeowner rather than a renter.

Neighborhoods become stable through pride of home ownership.

Crime rates and drug activity decline once abandoned houses are removed, as confirmed by the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. 

The 5400 block of 27th Terrace project has been completed. What started out as a blighted drug infested block with four homes slated for demolition and vacant lots with trash, overgrown grass and trees is now a model for the neighborhood for what is possible. We now have four new first-time homeowners in our properties, vacant lots cleared of trash and now maintained, two other homes redeveloped by new first-time homeowners, an apartment building renovated and rented, and the drug houses and squatters are gone.