Repairing our corner of the world one house at a time

 “If you see what needs to be repaired and know how to repair it, then you have found a piece of the world that G-d has left for you to complete. But if you only see what is wrong and what is ugly in the world then it is you yourself that needs repair.”

— Menachem Mendel Schneerson


Our Mission

Fighting neighborhood blight and providing home ownership opportunities for very low income families.

We acquire and renovate Kansas City Missouri distressed and abandoned single family homes and sell them to low income families giving them the opportunity to participate in affordable home ownership.

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Our Impact

The 5400 block of East 27th Terrace in Kansas City, Missouri was considered among the worst in its neighborhood located just east of Van Brunt. Few of the houses were occupied. Most bore the city’s stamp that identified them as dangerous properties awaiting demolition. Lots where houses once stood were filled with rodents and tons of trash that attracted additional dumping.

That block became the first to be transformed by Tikkun-KC, a 501c3 nonprofit that is transforming blighted neighborhoods by cost-effectively renovating dangerous houses slated for demolition, providing deserving low-income individuals with an opportunity to become homeowners, and saving taxpayers thousands of dollars.



Kansas City preserved precious demolition funds by not having to tear down the four homes we acquired.

The average demolition bill for each home demolished is $12,000.

In addition to the savings each home would have added several tons of debris taken to the landfill.



New first time (very low income) homeowners all coming from a disturbing rental environment.

New properties on the Jackson County Tax Roll.

Vacant lots acquired in addition to the homes that were cleaned up and turned into green spaces.



The number of homes and residents on the this block effected by our redevelopment efforts.


Our Programs



Working closely with Legal Aid of Western Missouri and our neighborhood partners, we acquire abandoned and distressed single family homes in the central core of Kansas City Missouri. Most of these homes have been on the city dangerous building demolition list for some time. As the months and years go by they continue to deteriorate and become a home for vagrants, crime, rodents and a growing blight on the neighborhood.

Tikkun-KC, with it’s experienced construction crews will turn these blighted run down homes into a modern, totally renovated, energy efficient dwelling that will be a model for the neighborhood and a new home for a vetted low income family.


In our partner neighborhoods, Tikkun-KC can assist the older residents with roof replacement, gutters, major tree and yard clean up and exterior painting that they cannot afford to have done. Our contractors and tradesmen make the exterior of their home look like new again


Home ownership for very low income families may be out of reach in the post real estate bubble world. Although they may have steady employment and a good rental history their income level may not qualify them for the size home they need. We take a deserving low income family and sell them one of our homes with a seller financed low or no interest note structured to fit their budget.


We need a steady influx of new construction workers to keep our renovation crews at full strength. The neighborhoods we work in have people hungry for employment and a chance to learn a trade or skill that will serve them for a lifetime. We take those that are serious about learning a trade and matching them up with one of our experienced carpenters, electricians, plumbers and painters and give them real world on the job training while earning a paycheck at the same time.


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